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Principle #1: Be Human

To be human is to constantly sit in discovery, self-acceptance and change.

Change begins from the inside/out. It begins with an individual commitment to learning who you are—the real you—not the pretend you or imaginary image the world thinks you should be. Once, I unburdened myself from the imaginary image of others, I began to reflect and embrace the uniqueness which is me. I began to love myself. Love my good, my bad, and even my ugly. For in this self-loving state, I found what I called “graceful judgment of self.”

Graceful judgment is about seeing personal failures as opportunities to grow and transform. Graceful judgment is about accepting both my gifts and limitations as a human. It is about listening and accepting feedback as a gift and refusing to allow that feedback to negatively impact the way I live my life. Graceful judgment allows me to experience myself with love and with a mindset of abundance—not fear. For in this state of mind, I’m able to see opportunities for improvements and endless possibilities for personal transformation. I see my full humanity.

Courage Thought: When we are an illusion to ourselves, the people around us also become invisible.


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