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Know Your Place: Part 2

Silence is Choice!

The world is an amazing place. It is full of beautiful people and places, but it is also full of darkness and pain. As we navigate through our lives, we must make the choice between staying in our place or taking a stand for what we believe is right.

Many of us choose to “stay in our place” or not speak up due to fear. We fear losing a job, a friend, or financial or political influence. When people ask me about being courageous or taking an opposing stance on a topic, I remind them that both my actions and inactions have consequences. Consequences are inescapable — silence is, in itself, a choice. And let’s face it, our collective silence has, and will always, bear a bigger price.

So, I encourage you to journey on, no longer bound by the illusion of place. Find your place of service and fill the room. It should never feel empty. Finally, remember to breathe; for the path is rarely straight and easy.

Jeff Foster, in “The Way of Rest” states: “If it makes you weak, if it scares you, if it takes you to the bleeding edge of your identity, it may just be your true path.” (PLACE)


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