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Use Your Voice, Power and Privilege 



As a Black woman, I've learned that knowing my place and staying in my place are two different things. Knowing my place is about understanding the social, political, and individual contributions I bring to my position of power. Staying in my place is an act of oppression—whether self-imposed or externally enforced. It's designed to ensure current power structures remain intact. Staying in one's place is an act of personal, spiritual, and mental sabotage.

In order to navigate courage, you must take up space and be present in the room—every room. That doesn't mean that your voice, thoughts or ideas are front and center of the discussion; it just simply means honoring your own humanity and ensuring you bring your gifts to the table every day and contribute in meaningful ways.

Unfortunately many of us have been taught that our opinions aren't important enough to share publicly because we're not qualified enough or we don't have enough experience doing X Y Z thing (whatever that thing is). It has got to stop!

Each of us must hold/take up space. Your very presence must fill the room. That's right: fill the room. For when we allow others to fill the silence with foolishness as we sit in the room questioning our very existence, our collective humanity suffers.

So, today, every day—Navigate Courage and bring your full humanity to the table. The world needs all of us!

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