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Old Statement, Same Idea

During an interview process, I was asked what is needed to embed equity into the core work. Here is what I wrote AND believe to be true still.

In order to operationalize or embed equity into the core work, three things must be present:

  • A shared vision of change. Organizations must demonstrate their understanding of the problem they are trying to solve. Equity starts with a belief that change is possible and the confidence that the right people and resources are available to tackle the stated problem. It is a core belief that social justice is not an idea, but an intended result of individual and collective efforts.

  • Data. Data is key to organizational transformation. Data takes the emotional aspect out of the equation and allows for more objectivity in the process. It allows people to see problems and identify key levers, opportunity gaps, and more importantly, possible solutions toward change.

  • Finally, change happens through people, not simply changing people. True leaders or organizational change happens when people are engaged, supported, and actively encouraged to bring the best of themselves every single day. It is an understanding of the interdependency of each other, the organization and the systems for which you are trying to transform. Equity starts with people. If selected, the process begins and ends with the development of people. It then connects those people with resources and other communities to solve complex problems.


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