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Essence of Love

A poem by my favorite Aunt, who at 75 has the courage to go back to school.

As if my mind has not enough to hold,

In you come and overdose.

My thoughts of love, and what love should be

Suddenly comes back to me.

The innocence of love has surely left,

to be put upon a dusty shelf.

Hiding itself so as not to be found,

Waiting patiently for the chance to rebound.

Such power and strength, you always display,

No respect of persons, that’s just your way.

I wonder why you've come to me,

a wretched soul from poverty

Just when I try to figure it out,

Here comes that old deceitful doubt.

Remove the thought of thinking it odd,

Just know in your heart that love is God.

By Gwendolyn Martin Archie


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