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Equity Takes Courage

As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant, I’ve spent most of my career working on, fighting for, and researching how to advance gender and racial equity. After more than 20 years of blazing trails in college athletics, higher education and philanthropy, I created Navigating Courage, my consultancy focused on using a humanist approach to leading and being. Navigating Courage meets the growing demand for practical support and resources designed for leaders and organizations ready to turn their collective outrage over injustice and inequity into real actions in their personal and professional lives. Navigating Courage is a call for a renewed fight for humanity in the face of the oppressive systems that divide and deprive us all.

Over the next few weeks, I am releasing a series of videos that illuminate the core Navigating Courage principles clearly and simply. As a subscriber of Navigating Courage, you will automatically learn more about my mission and work through short clips from an extended interview with Eric Ellis, President & CEO, Integrity Development. These high-energy and insightful videos are truly must-see TV. Thank you for joining the journey. #diversity#leaders#navigatingcourage


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