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Courageous Roots Run Deep

A reflection from my recent visit to New Orleans

Come closer, and I'll share a secret with you: The trees located in New Orleans City Park are rebellious. They twist and turn, their branches adorned with moss that seems to burden them yet adds a delightful decorative touch. These trees hold the secret to life.

Whenever I visit this sacred place, my body, mind, and soul are instantly transported to another world—a realm of sanctity. There's a profound spiritual connection here, where our ancestors rest in eternal peace, and I dare say their presence still lingers. The wisdom, love, rage, beauty, and roots beneath and above the surface of this sprawling land always welcome me to indulge in her majesty, ponder life and reflect on the concept of Navigating Courage.

Here are a few insights I gained during a recent walk:

  1. Courage isn't just an act of bravery; it's a state of mind and being. Much like these trees, courage demands our full attention, urging us to recognize the seemingly insignificant and significant signs of wisdom and gifts surrounding us.

  2. Courage, like mature trees, requires deep roots and unwavering convictions. Leaders must be firmly grounded in their beliefs and values. These roots serve as the foundation upon which courage is built. Even when these roots remain hidden from plain sight, just as a tree's roots are concealed, courage may not always be apparent on the surface. It is nurtured and sustained by the inner reservoirs of strength and conviction. Similar to how a tree needs water and nutrients for growth, courage requires continuous care and nourishment. This realization struck me profoundly this week.

  3. I imagined that the century-old trees had witnessed strange fruit hanging from their branches, weathered storms, winds, and the apathy of humankind, yet they endured and thrived. They stretched across their designated plot of land, standing FREE. In the park, I contemplated the Israel-Palestine conflict, and my heart ached at the unimaginable acts against humanity. Amidst the trees, I asked the universe for wisdom, love, and a collective understanding of our interconnected humanity-- beyond our differences.

  4. Lastly, I pondered the kind of leaders needed in these times. We require courageous leaders who feel the weight of the immense suffering and destruction occurring worldwide, transforming their Rage into Courage for a better tomorrow.

So, come closer, and I'll share this secret with you: the trees in New Orleans hold the key to life, and often, so do courageous leaders. #navigatingcourage


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