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Leading Beyond Fear

Strategy. Equity. Leadership for Change.

"Rage can act as a catalyst inspiring courageous action" - bell hooks



Navigating Courage centers on a humanistic approach to leading and being. 

Dr. Robin Martin, author, researcher, master-level certified coach, and former Deputy Director of strategy, planning, and management at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, created Navigating Courage to meet the growing demand for practical support and resources for leaders and organizations ready to turn their collective outrage over injustice and inequity into action which spurs lasting social change. 

Inspired by and grounded in the African philosophy “Ubuntu”— “I am because you are”— this approach is designed to normalize courage, build and connect a community of courageous leaders, and end systems of oppression. It is a call for our renewed fight for humanity in the face of oppressive systems that deprive us of individual and collective humanity and ensure our mutual destruction. It is led by a coalition of courageous leaders who are determined to forge a different path that leads to greater individual and collective freedom. 


When taking action is the only way forward

The Courage Project

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of The Courage Project, a registered 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a coalition of Courageous leaders who are determined to forge a new path that leads to lasting social change. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as we strive to normalize Courage, honor exceptional leaders, and create a positive impact on humanity.


Our nation's systems continue to perpetuate obvious, dangerous, and intricately interconnected racial inequities that put all of us, and our futures, at risk. We are living in extraordinary times. COVID-19 unleashed a set of what many called “unprecedented circumstances” across every sector - business, healthcare, education, and policy. As the world's ongoing pandemic continues, the disproportionate, deadly impact on communities of color continues to exact a devastating toll. 


Add to that the ongoing clashes between racial reckonings in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and systemic and street-level white supremacy, and hope can feel elusive. ​Today more than ever, leaders must reimagine their roles as CouRageous champions. They must center the urgency of equity at all levels in order to navigate these treacherous times and create pathways toward a future in which all people can thrive.


Get inspiration to develop Courage with Dr. Martin's book, Navigating Courage: Leading Beyond Fear, and tell the world that you are turning your Rage into Courage in your Navigating Courage tee shirt. Navigating Courage Cards now available.


Read Dr. Martin's “Thoughts for Today” essays, brief posts that illuminate connections between Navigating CouRage and current challenges we all face.


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